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About Us

Sober Living for men

Welcome to Integrity Homes. We are your trusted partner in the journey to recovery. As a dedicated sober living provider, we understand the challenges that accompany the early stages of sobriety. Our mission is to offer structured and supportive housing specifically tailored to men seeking guidance on their path to a healthier, independent lifestyle.

At Integrity Homes, we recognize the importance of providing a stable and nurturing environment where individuals can navigate the complexities of early sobriety. Our commitment goes beyond just offering a place to stay; we strive to equip our guests with the necessary tools for a successful, lasting recovery.

12 step based sober living for men

Our program is designed to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and build a solid foundation for independent, active, and healthy living. We believe in fostering an atmosphere of support and accountability, where residents can focus on their recovery journey with the confidence that they are not alone.

By choosing Integrity Homes LI, you are choosing a community that understands the unique needs of those in early sobriety. Our team is dedicated to guiding residents through the challenges they may face, providing the resources and support essential for a successful transition to a fulfilling, sober lifestyle. 


Join us at Integrity Homes LI, where hope is rekindled, and the path to recovery is paved with compassion, understanding, and the tools needed for lasting change. Your journey to independence and well-being starts here.

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